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How to decock a loaded pistols


I would never decock a pistol manually with a live round in the .. urge you not to decock loaded firearms if they do not have a decocker. Treat all guns as if they are loaded. Never let the muzzle You can manually decock using the thumb block method, but it's not really worth the trouble. If you want to carry a DA/SA in DA, get one with a decocker. Otherwise. Feb 21, On another forum there is a thread that has drifted into talk about hammered pistols without a decocker. So you load the gun, grab the hammer.

Nov 5, The key to safe decocking is having the weight of the revolver controlled with A WARNING: Never remove, replace or carry a loaded cylinder. May 8, Loaded like a freight train, flyin' like an aeroplane! Unless your gun specifically has a decocking lever (typically part of the thumb safety) it is. Mar 16, When I am at the range - I will sometime decock a loaded gun - I can have the gun pointed down range - so if it did fire - no big deal - the round.

I know of an incident where a guy tried to "decock" his pistol during reholstering, Don't take this wrong but why would you decock a loaded. Decocking a gun can be extremely dangerous and is one of the primary Is it true that air marshals carry a loaded gun and if so what would happen if he shot.