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How to compile java program in putty


With PuTTY, you can even compile source code on the remote machine. by the directory address that holds the Java source code you wish to compile. In this module we will learn how to use a Java compiler in a command-line Unix environment. The java compiler is invoked with the javac command. You can. This section contains general information about things you will need to know how to do in order compile and run your Java programs on a UNIX system.

IMPORTANT. All of the following commands assumes the Java compiler (javac) and Java Virtual Machine (java) locations are known to the shell/Operating. Question: I would like to understand the basics of how to write, compile and execute a Java program on UNIX / Linux OS. Can you explain it. sudo apt-get install openjdkjdk. Write a java program and save the file as Now to compile use this command from the terminal.

Because Java is platform-independent, it won't matter where you compile vs. where you run. So you can compile under Windows and run on Linux with no problem. You'll need copies of and on Unix/Linux it will look like. This means that when you compile your program, you don't generate instructions for one specific platform. I imagine the easiest way would be to press the blue arrow at the top. If it has to be command line though, try. Javac To compile the.