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First muay thai class what to expect


When I walked into the Muay Thai gym the first day I didn't know what to expect. Of course I had many thoughts in my head about how the class was going to go. Hey guys, I'm going to begin training Muay Thai soon at a local gym. I've trained in both Karate and Judo before and I hope to go into. Call, message, text, email, sign up or send us smoke signals! You don't want to miss this Black Friday promo. Buy 2 months of unlimited adult training, get one.

To Muay Thai beginners prepping for their first class, Kru Chris advises: In most classes you can expect to be walked through combos and punch/kick Thai. No matter what your experience, fitness level, age or gender, Disciple MMA Academy has a Muay Thai Class to fit anyone at any level with. Classic Overtrainer. Location: Nova Scotia, Canada; Age: 47; Posts: ; Rep Power: Geeper has no reputation, good or bad yet. (0). First.

These Tips for Muay Thai Beginners are for those who I assume care about getting better at Muay Thai. if you are training just to get a Expect to Suck at First. I am new to Muay Thai and i am wondering what to expect at my first class. I am sorry if this has already been brought up before, but i did not. Went to my first Muay Thai class today. . If that happens then I think it's a bad club that could put someone's health at dalydelightscakery.come new could.