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How to install duo x3 modchip


I bought a Duo X3 mod chip and I'm researching to understand how to install it. From what I can tell, it's a clone chip and it's not from Team. i tought it was like aladin modchip easy install but the duo x has more wires not made for Be aware, Duo X3 can be some problematic chips. This tutorial will guide you through installing the Xecuter 3 modchip by using the pin header installation method. If you follow this tutorial carefully you should.

XBOX mod chip - DuoX 3. Beacause the DuoX 3 is pre-flashed, if you don't mind the bios, just boot one of the HeXen or Slayer boot discs and install one of. I want to put the Evolution X dash on my xbox but my discs aren't working, BIOS you want to the onboard TSOP rather than use the modchip. 2) Position the DuoX3 modchip using Double sided Tape on the Xbox Main Board and use single strand Wire to connect to the Main Board LPC contact. Points.

I'm assuming you already have the Microsoft XBOX. Use the vendors on http:// or search Google for the X3 Modchip Retailers. You should.