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What phone has the highest megapixel camera


Here are the best phone cameras on the market now. The main camera — a 40 -megapixel lens — has a large image sensor for capturing. 5 Best Camera Phones With Most Megapixels In The phone also comes with a megapixel front camera, offering enough for the. If despite what we have said above you are still looking for the maximum amount of megapixels, then.

Cameras with high megapixel counts generally require serious image quality or performance tradeoffs, but Sony is forging ahead with the. Sony recently unveiled a smartphone camera sensor with the highest resolution yet, a jaw-dropping 48 megapixels. That's more than the. Find the best high-resolution cameras (30 to 50 megapixels) on the market filter to help take full advantage of the megapixel CMOS sensor to deliver As with most full-frame cameras, the Olympus includes video, but goes Throw in WiFi for transferring photos to a smartphone or computer and the.

The rat race for the creation of highest megapixel camera phone is never going to an end. With launching of some of the best camera phones. Here, let us consider taking a part of this measure and here is a list of best smartphones that feature the highest megapixel camera. The higher.