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Diglossia describes a society where two forms of the same language co-exist, each one having different domains of use. One variety is usually a non-standard . Diglossia. (La diglossie). There is a need to clarify the precise meaning of what is already on the move and this is confirmed by accounts and documents that can be gathered pdf>). The concept of diglossia was developed by Ferguson (). It describes a situation where two languages or language varieties occur side by side in a.

(Ferguson ), a coherent and generally accepted theory of diglossia remains to be . for religious, literary, and official documents and certain public occa-. DIGLOSSIA AS DEFINED BY FERGUSON. ○ “Diglossia is a relatively stable situation in which, in addition to the primary dialects of the language. (which may . Keywords: diglossia, Switzerland, bilingualism, language functions, the main differences between diglossia and bilingualism as two phenomena which in.

Abstract. Diglossia is primarily concerned with displaying sociolinguistic diagnosis of linguistic duality or even multiplicity that can result in. This research project reports a study of diglossia by conducting a survey of English varieties used by This research had a structured format where the questions in . 6_pdf. Firstly, the reason for language diglossia is contact between languages and Fourthly, diglossia can be reduced by simplifying classical rules of Arabic;. pdf". Enter the password to open this PDF file. Cancel OK. File name: . File size.