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How to prevent afk in lol


A bit ago i played with an Udyr jungle a couple of bad plays this guy decided to give up on the game and went afk in base. Go afk. It helps in boring bot games when u're leveling your account. Stop teaching retards new ways to not get caught. . I never wanted to reveal this method on GD but I'm done with LoL so i don't care anymore. i guess. Then you break the shift and CAP LOCK key so you can't type in your password. Then you sit back and wait to get banned for afk! wait-.

You can simply quit the game and go AFK without getting reported. Use mobile League of Legends app (LoL Friends) to track down if your. pretty sure you can pick something like twisted fate and have him auto the gromp from over the wall outside his leash range. as long as nobody. Edit: To clarify, I'm ok with being kicked out if afk since I am on riot's servers. If you ever get this message after coming back from being afk, move around in server side to prevent cheating so you still need an Internet connection. .. I don't believe coming over to reddit to make a post on it is smart lol.