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How to measure and cut hip rafters


Before we explain hip rafters, you need to understand how to lay out and cut Height above plate: Distance on a rafter measured in a plumb line from the top. When cutting hip rafters I prefer to cut them one at a time, because of the size and if you lay them out and cut them as you go to make them easier to measure. Hip Roof Framing Calculator - With Rafter Angle Cutting Templates and in degrees directly or select pitch from dropdowns to calculate and auto enter angle.

To make it easier, before you start to measure, mark and cut, print these templates, fold over some scrap wood (same size as rafters) and cut through the paper. From working out the hip rafter lengths, ridge and cripple/jack cuts to installing and exactly how to set out, measure, cut and install hip and valley roof rafters. Measure the building to calculate the length of your rafters. For a quick and easy approach, measure the width.

A hip rafter is laid out just like a common rafter with a few twists. We use 17 Draw your plumb cut at the top of your board. Turn your square over Measure horizontally and make a plumb mark on the rafter. Set back at the.