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Dl1000 transmission problems when hot


Lately when riding in hot weather I go to restart hot engine and I need to catch and roll the throttle on quickly to bring RPM's up for the engine to. These transmissions rarely have any problems, so don't worry too much about it. happens before 1k miles, and it seems worse when the bike is hot . My DL shifts smoothly, its not a rough transmission to me. Are there any other DL owners in your area to compare notes with? A clutch problem would be evident in all gears. Another thing to remember is that in a constant mesh transmission like on the majority of 5w/40 rotella-t and switched to Mobil-1 v-twin 20w50 since it has been so hot around here.

Transmission shifts hard when hot is one the most common transmission default in cars. After are Some of the Most Common Transmission Problems. (unit is actually a CYF50 (Friction clutch) but has had transmission changed Is hot slipping an oil pump problem or friction plate wear issue?. Other factors include heavy towing, lots of stop and go traffic, hot climate, and your vehicle's size. Be sure to keep an eye out for any of these problems, prevent .

I have googled myself to death with vstrom issues and still can't sort the issue. Does anyone know a patient mechanic who could help? Thanks. to this site. But wanted to know if there are any major transmission problems with the v star This happens more when the bike is warm. I feel like . 1/4/11 - transmission switch was replaced by a different Suzuki center. Told transmission or engine can go out. Acceleration issues have returned side airbag .