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Whats the point of being green


Written especially for young adult readers, this heavily illustrated book talks about the threat to our planet's environment and outlines steps that governments. This fun and timely introduction to green living incorporates cartoon images with photographs, colorful charts, diagrams, and instructive panels. With breezy text and lively graphics featuring a mixed group of young people, this book answers its title question by discussing climate change.

Going green has become the new buzz word. This cultural and individual movement is associated with activities such as recycling, conservation of resources. Have you been looking for a reason to go green? Look no further because we've got ten reasons lined up for you!. I could theoretically do all that, but what would be the point when I know full well that halfway around the world there lives my evil twin, some.

John Green — 'What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?'. On Being Green: Toward a sustainable future, by Susan Clayton, Ph.D. a crowd at a campaign event that he "didn't know what the purpose" of public land was. Why go green? Everywhere you go people are talking about going green and how it impacts the planet. From plastic bags to chemical products, people are.