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How to create sub tabs in qlikview


I have a tab called 'Main' and I need to create sub tabs to appear below it. These need to appear when I click on the Main tab and disappear. Hi, I'm new to qlikview How to create the sub tabs in main tab itself Headcount is my main sheet name under this sheet, Region and. Is it possible to create a sub sheet (or a sub-tab) underneath the sheet or tab? Qlickview demo app for Cycling has a similar concept, but I am.

and in Sample Application i wanna add Tabs Under Main Tab You can create action buttons and utilize the hide and show of the particular object. In 'Single object' mode you access the different objects by hitting basically sub-tabs. Good example of how you can use buttons to simulate "sub tabs". Hope it helps. Is there anyway to create multiple tabs in one sheet?. Hi Can you please help can i create multiple tabs in single dashboard. Thanks Govind R.

Hi all, On QlikView demos, i saw a nice presentation which alows to display I think you can create those either using Container objects or you. First, you want to turn off Tabs. Go to Settings, Document Properties, General, and click 'Hide Tabrow'. Next, you want to create the buttons that.