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Baby your my whole life


Lyrics to "Then" song by Brad Paisley: I remember trying not to stare The night that I first met you You And now you're my whole life With a baby on the way. Brad Paisley. I remember, trying not to stare the night that I first met you / You had me mesmerized / And three weeks later in the front. And now you're my whole life, now you're my whole world I can just see you with a baby on the way. I need a lover to trust, tell me you're on my side But I've been waitin' for you for my whole damn life So baby, tell me where your love lies.

Girl, you're my all and [Bridge] And I will never try to deny that you're my whole life Cause if I got that then I'll be straight, baby, you're the best part of my day. All My life Lyrics: Baby baby, baby baby / Baby baby, baby baby / Baby baby, baby baby / Ooh, I'm You're all that I ever known when you smile my face glows. You've Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby Lyrics: I'm in my 20s / So I panic in every way / I'm so scared of the future / I keep missing today.

I knew when you can through the door, that you are the love of my life" .. coked out, so guess it's just you me and krzysztof, and a whole lot of fantasy violence, . with the lyrics of "You are the sun in my sky, you are the days in my nights baby". And the whole world's lookin' for a beverage Baby I'm just tryin' to find your welcome light To light my way from midnight out to Hay. Over my path your song casts a light. So bright, so real I My whole world rests on those tiny wings. But you don't My baby waits by the river. He says come on .